About Holden Mechanical Contractors

Rigging FansHolden Mechanical Contractors, Inc. was founded in 1983 and has provided motivated skilled mechanics to today’s most advanced industries in areas of design, fabrication and installation of mechanical systems. Our business is centered on our ability to work with our clients in order to determine the most efficient solution for their needs in a safe and qualified manner.

Holden Mechanical utilizes experience and technology to go beyond today’s industrial requirements to provide safe, quality and cost effective solutions. Our seasoned workforce services all industrial and commercial mechanical needs.

Our many years of experience, attention to safety and unrelenting quality control have been our building blocks for success in this industry. Maintaining focus on customer satisfaction and our ability to provide a value added service from inception to completion creates a strong working relationship with our customers.

Perhaps the greatest convenience we offer our customers is the service of our field supervisors. Our field supervisors coordinate customer satisfaction and project completion. They have the ability to quickly and efficiently perform through scope and design changes, as well as submit quotations and consulting while at the job site.